How Does the Lifetime Warranty Work?

Our policy is No Hassle Return Policy. If your Gun Mouse quits working for any reason send it back for a replacement. The Mouse under normal use will last as long as you own it. We are very proud that thousands have been sold and few have been returned. But human error and man-made materials do fail from time to time. If the Gun Mouse fails for any reason please send it back and we will gladly replace it. The reason we ask for the product back so our quality inspectors can see where the Gun Mouse failed.  This process will help improve an already great product. Customer satisfaction is our #1 goal at Gun Mouse.  We feel this will be the last drop through cleaner you will ever buy.


What is a Gun Mouse Bore Cleaner?
This is an alternative to all the other bore cleaners out there.  Compact and abrasive enough to do the job, but will not hurt your firearm with our specialized nylon scrubbing material.  There is no need for 1.5 feet pull through cleaner, patches, or rods to do a thorough job.  Just use our pure nylon brush from beginning to end and you will feel the power of the Gun Mouse. Our product has hundreds of pores to grab and hold all the loose debris and fouling, not allowing it to escape to possibly damage your gun's bore.

How do I use it? 

Simply put the weight through the breach end and pull slowly through for an effective clean. 

How do I clean the Gun Mouse?

We recommend Dawn Dish soap and hot water.  Put some dish soap on the Gun Mouse then work into the material with hot water.  After this process please rinse with hot water, let dry and it will be ready for use again.  Make sure it is totally dry before replacing back in the protective tube.

How do you prevent the Gun Mouse from breaking in my bore?
Our Gun Mouse is sewn from the top to bottom with our specialized thread so breakage inside the bore does not happen. We also use a paracord as the pull cord. Built strong and tested by our inspectors. So know matter what firearm you shoot, pull with confidence. 

How do I keep smells out of my clothes or gun case after using your product?
We include a protective tube just for this purpose. This is something most companies do not offer.  When using in the field or at the range the tube is there to eliminate the smell or staining problem.  After cleaning the Gun Mouse needs to be totally dry before being placed in the protective tube.
What makes your company different?
We are the manufacturer and distributor of this product.  Our location is in the Twin Cites of Minnesota.  All of our Gun Mouse materials and labor are acquired and made in Minnesota.  We are proud to say we are a U.S.A product.  If you have any question, comments or concerns you will talk directly to us, not someone in a foreign land or even in another part of the country. You call us direct.